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Posted by Shannon Haddock on February 12, 2015 in Writing process |

Instead of listing all my works-in-progress and getting depressed by how many I haven’t worked on in ages, this year I am instead updating how far I’ve come on the to do list I posted at the beginning of the year.  With new items being added because I’m great at making plans, but suck at sticking to them.  Asterisks mark things added before this update, but after the initial list.

January did not go well.  Due to being sick for about a quarter of the month, I lowered my goals for editing and writing to 5000 words each.  I wrote 2779 and edited 4690.  So I guess I didn’t really do that poorly on the editing.  It seemed like less than that.

  • Edit my wife’s story she wants to submit to Queers Destroy Science Fiction, if she decides she wants to expand it.  DONE
  • Submit it for her.  DONE, AWAITING RESPONSE
  • Finish editing my own story for Queers Destroy Science Fiction.  DONE
  • *Edit Jake thingy inspired by annoying bit in book I was reading. DONE
  • *Submit it to Queers Destroy Science Fiction too, since it’s flash fiction instead of a short story.  DONE, AWAITING RESPONSE
  • Alternate between writing Blaughk on EarthIntertwined Lives, and editing No More Lies, not becoming slavishly devoted to any one work, but keeping in mind and tracking my monthly word count goals.  UPDATE:  I’ve written 2206 words of Intertwined Lives since posting the last progress report.  Unfortunately, most of that was a pair of chapters from the viewpoint of a character I’ve decided not to use as a viewpoint character.
  • NEW ITEM:  Maintain schedule of editing and posting a chapter of Intertwined Lives every Tuesday.  DOING FINE SO FAR.
  • NEW ITEM:  Once have enough word count/regular installments to do so, submit Intertwined Lives to webfictionguide.com
  • NEW ITEM:  Remember to use the #TuesdaySerial hashtag on twitter when announcing each week’s chapter.  FORGOTTEN SO FAR, GO ME.
  • Publish No More Lies.
  • Devote a month to marketing it.  Just a month.  No more.  After that, it’ll sink or swim on its own.
  • Alternate between writing Blaughk on Earth, Intertwined Lives, and editing the leytgeleshi short story collection, with the same caveats as above.
  • Write remaining leytgeleshi stories.
  • Alternate between writhing Blaughk on Earth, Intertwined Lives, and editing the Dagger short story collection, with the same caveats as above.
  • Write remaining Dagger stories.
  • Edit remaining leytgeleshi stories.
  • Publish leytgeleshi story collection.
  • Devote a week to marketing it.  It’s going to be a free short story collection (or 99 cents, I can’t recall what we agreed on now.)  There’s no sense in devoting a lot of time to marketing it.
  • Edit remaining Dagger stories.
  • Publish Dagger story collection.
  • Devote a week to marketing it.  See above for why only a week.
  • Alternate writing Blaughk on Earth and Intertwined Lives.

Word count for February so far:

Written: 946/10000

Edited: 6365/10000

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